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Innovative STEM Program Partners with Scientists, Aims to Achieve Educational Equity

Positive experiences with STEM content and mentors during the critical middle-school years can inspire students to pursue fulfilling careers in STEM fields and, by closing persisting opportunity and achievement gaps in STEM for minorities and the under-served student population, greater educational equity can be achieved.

Boston-based Science from Scientists (SfS) aims to do just that. Since 2002, it has worked with over 89,000 students and more than 180,000 children and families overall to increase the number of students pursuing STEM careers and trades through in-school enrichment programs delivered in both school and home via various remote learning formats during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2017 SfS launched its Scientist-Teacher Partnership (STP), where scientist instructors deliver in-class lessons to students, modeling inquiry-based teaching techniques to instructors, at the beginning of the school year and gradually transition towards playing a supporting role working with classroom teachers to improve their confidence in teaching STEM lessons in the 5E model of science instruction. During the second phase of the program, classroom teachers lead lessons themselves and work with their SfS partner instructor to continually evaluate and refine the quality of their engaging, hands-on STEM lessons.

Through All Points North Foundation support, SfS will deliver STP to approximately 60 sixth- to eighth-grade teachers in six Title I middle schools in Massachusetts, Minnesota and California, providing over 2,500 students with quality STEM enrichment programming.

In addition to the pedagogical training and support teachers receive outside of the classroom, STP includes up to 18 hands-on lessons delivered to students during the school day. By executing the program during school, SfS reaches every student, not just those who already show interest in STEM, whose parents sign them up or who are able to participate in out-of-school programs.

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