Key Criteria

Key Criteria

To optimize your chances of submitting a successful concept paper (accepted at any time without an invite), please review the criteria checklist below:

501(c)(3) Status

All Points North Foundation conducts work across the U.S. in a variety of different cities, states, and communities, with people of different backgrounds. All Points North Foundation welcomes any 501(c)(3) charitable applicant provided the organization meets the following criteria:

  • The organization does not proselytize or offer assistance on the expressed or implied condition that people must adhere to or convert to a particular faith, or listen and respond to messaging designed to include conversion of a particular faith.
  • The organization does not conduct work with entities or individuals who insist on proselytizing as part of the organization’s work.
  • The organization demonstrates separation or distance from its religious affiliation by working equitably with a diverse group of people regardless of race, creed, or religion.

Proven Track Record (minimum of one year)

We support and expand effectiveness of existing programs. Applicants must demonstrate a proven track record of successful organizational and project operations that have been in effect for at least one year.

Organizational Capacity and Leadership

Successful applicants will show evidence that they have a solid balance sheet and program plans that give us confidence that their organization has the capacity to manage the grant. Also, successful applicants will have a board of directors and staff leadership that are collaborative and knowledgeable about the community and the field in which they operate.

Measurable and Sustainable Outcomes

Results matter. We place a high priority on organizations that clearly articulate organizational goals, present a clear plan for achieving results, and track outcomes and impacts with specific metrics on the people and communities served.

Funding Limits

We consider grant requests that range between $60,000 and $100,000.

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All Points North Foundation provides grants for U.S.-based projects and initiatives that support our priorities: improving public middle school education and teacher training, and implementing effective solar programs and/or projects.

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