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Resource Central’s Boulder Reuse Facility Solar Project puts conservation into action

At Resource Central’s Reuse Facility in Boulder, Colorado, a renovation is adding a solar roof over the covered materials yard. The renovation will transform the facility into a community hub that will increase awareness of solar energy and conservation through reuse, while also providing significant energy savings. The Reuse Facility routinely sees 50,000 visitors each year, in addition to visits by schools and other groups.

With the help of a grant from All Points North Foundation, Resource Central will reduce energy consumption by installing a 25kW solar array on its new materials yard roof. The system will offset electricity usage by approximately 2,500 kW per month on average, generating thousands of dollars in savings annually.

A new display at the materials yard will share the amount of energy generated by solar power and costs saved. Additionally, the project scope will include the installation of a “solar picnic table” for charging electronic devices such as phones and iPads, which will showcase an understandable, real-world example of the benefit of solar energy.

These innovative educational tools, paired with the new cost-saving solar panels, are part of Resource Central’s mission to put conservation into action and help their thriving community live more sustainably.

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