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Building community for male teachers and boys of color is a win for education and student outcomes

In the U.S., students of color represent more than 50% of K-12 classrooms; however, less than 20% of the teacher population reflects this. The numbers are even starker for black and latinx male teachers, who make up just 2% of the profession, and leave at a rate higher than any other demographics.

The absence of male educators of color raises concerns about the academic, social and emotional development of boys of color. Students of color who have a teacher of color are more likely to maintain high test scores, graduate high school and succeed in college.

Profound Gentlemen addresses this gap in representation. Since 2014, Profound Gentlemen has fostered a community of more than 300 male educators of color who are supported through mentorship, networking and professional development opportunities. Its members (Gentlemen), ranging from young, aspiring teachers to seasoned professionals, access online educational resources and engage in workshops, one-on-one coaching sessions, conferences, retreats and networking events. Every resource is designed to further character development; content development for effective, research-based teaching; and community impact leadership development.

With All Points North Foundation’s support, Profound Gentlemen will create programming for three critical cohorts—male college students of color interested in teaching, educators with one to six years of classroom experience, and educators with more than seven years of experience.

Through this work, Profound Gentlemen seeks to affirm a sense of community and cultural identity, empower male educators of color to stay with the profession (serving as role models and leaders), and provide the kind of representation for students that inspires their success.

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