Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Training and Coaching Middle School Teachers to Implement Second Step SEL Program

Every two years, Pennsylvania conducts a survey of youth (PAYS) with sixth and eighth-grade students to gather information on risk resiliency factors. Over the past four administrations of PAYS, youth reported an increase in concerns. In 2019, only 49% of students surveyed reported a commitment and involvement in school. Thirty-four percent reported feeling “no good at all,” and 22% reported thinking they are a “failure.”

Established in 1999, the Center for Effective Schools (CES), a division of Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health is a research and training center dedicated to building the capacity of schools and other child-serving institutions to better serve children and adolescents with, and at risk for, developing emotional and behavioral disorders.

With support from All Points North Foundation, more than 300 middle school teachers will receive training and coaching to implement the Second Step Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program to reach more than 5,000 middle school students. Second Step includes lessons and activities aimed at building students’ skills with growth mindset, goal setting, bullying prevention, emotion management, empathy and problem-solving/conflict resolution. Second Step emphasizes the importance of modeling, which encourages teachers to demonstrate social-emotional skills during, and beyond, the lesson instruction.

CES has a strong partnership with Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, where more than five school districts will receive this program. District collaboration will be fostered and sustained through regular meetings, frequent communication and executing a shared action plan. Teacher, and other school professional, collaboration will be fostered through training, coaching and resource sharing.

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