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Integrated Student Supports Aid Social-Emotional Growth of Middle School Students in Rural Pacific Northwest Communities

Rural settings generally have fewer community resources available to residents, with those available usually geographically dispersed. While students’ and families’ needs can often be met by local communities, barriers to access these resources may stand in the way.

Communities In Schools of Washington (CIS) began operating in 1991 in the state of Washington at the urging of business and education leaders who understood the burden to provide for students’ basic needs in public school. CIS established two affiliates, CIS of Spokane County and CIS of Whatcom-Skagit, that collectively serve more than 14,000 students in 60 schools.

The middle school years are a vital time for students to set academic and behavioral habits for future success. CIS support aims to improve each student’s middle school experience, setting them up for success and lifelong learning.

With the middle-school years a vital time for students to set academic and behavioral habits for future success, All Points North Foundation’s grant to CIS will support the social-emotional growth of these students in two rural school districts in northwest and eastern Washington, using CIS’ Social, Emotional, and Academic Development assessment to improve socioemotional outcomes for 64 case-managed students.

As part of the initiative, site coordinators will serve as caring adults and role models for students, helping them navigate upward in school and life. Support tailored to individual students will build on their assets, helping them excitedly embrace the path of learning ahead. Students will improve their social-emotional learning by connecting with behavioral supports in schools. When students have their basic needs met and feel connected to a community that believes in them, they are free to focus on learning and personal growth.

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