Breakthrough Collaborative

Breakthrough Collaborative

Teaching Fellows Excellence Initiative Prepares Next Generation of Inspired, Diverse Educational Leaders

To address the urgent national need for a more diverse teaching force, Breakthrough Collaborative’s Teaching Fellows Excellence Initiative provides aspiring educators with the opportunity to gain firsthand experience as classroom teachers. Each summer more than 1,000 of the nation’s brightest undergraduates participate in nine-week teaching residencies. The unique students-teaching-students model focuses not only on reversing summer slide and promoting student academic growth, but also developing Teaching Fellows professionally and supporting their leadership development for those returning to teach for multiple summers.

This second All Points North Foundation grant helps Breakthrough enhance curriculum for Teaching Fellows, particularly for the 25 percent who return. Once alumni, Teaching Fellows then have access to a robust online platform and a virtual community of news updates, career and professional development opportunities, and training.

The nation’s largest pre-professional teacher training program, Breakthrough has proven to be a powerful pipeline for the next generation of inspired, diverse educational leaders with many Teaching Fellow alumni recruited by the top teacher residencies and graduate schools across the country. Teaching Fellows are 63 percent people of color compared to 18 percent of teachers nationwide; 40 percent are first-generation college graduates and 27 percent are male. Additionally, a growing percentage of Teaching Fellows were once Breakthrough students themselves.

Emerging evidence suggests that a diverse teaching force, like the one that Breakthrough is intentionally building, has the promising potential to motivate underserved minority students to attain greater educational success. In 2018, Breakthrough’s students were 96 percent students of color and almost half of students lived in a home where English is not the primary language.

Grants from All Points North Foundation help Breakthrough support its students, teaching fellows, and instructional coaches in achieving their full potential as learners, teachers, leaders, and agents of change.

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two middle school boys walking through a line of adults giving them hign-fives African American middle school girls leaning down at table to get a good look at the liquid in a mason jar, for a school experiement two ethnically diverse middle school children at their desks with their male educator standing behind helping them with their work.

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