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Oregon Charter School’s Solar Project Achieves Energy Savings and Education Goals

At Bend International School, a new gymnasium is providing more than just physical education. With a focus on empowering and challenging students to excel academically and socially through integrated project-based learning with a global focus, this K-8 charter school’s new gymnasium will also be the source of energy savings for the school and a conduit for educating its students and the community about the positive effects of solar power.

With the help of a grant from All Points North Foundation, Bend International plans to immerse its students in the world of solar power by installing a 42.7 kW solar system on its new gymnasium roof. Installing the system will offset Bend International’s electricity usage by approximately 70-80 percent, generating thousands of dollars in cost savings annually. The project will also provide for the integration of lessons on solar energy into every classroom and, therefore, expand the school’s overall STEM education initiative. A new display at the entrance will demonstrate the amount of energy generated, how much carbon is offset and how different factors affect energy production.

The solar panel project is part of Bend International School’s commitment to global sustainability and its efforts to expose students at early ages to the benefits of green infrastructure and how renewable energy, such as solar, is key to their own sustainable futures.

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