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Remote Energy Powers Up Tribal Lands through Native Language Solar Energy Video Project

The solar photovoltaic sector is on the cusp of a remarkable 22% surge from 2022 to 2032, surpassing the average job market expansion, as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Meanwhile, a considerable workforce disparity looms, particularly within Indigenous territories. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory tribal lands account for nearly 6.5% of the country’s renewable energy potential. However, 14 percent of households on Native American reservations lack access to electricity — this is 10 times higher than the national average. Furthermore, Native American photovoltaic (PV) technicians and instructors are disproportionately represented in the industry.

With a grant from All Points North Foundation, Remote Energy, a nonprofit that provides solar energy training, will transfer technical and teaching skills through culturally relevant solar energy training videos designed to educate and inspire Native Americans to pursue clean energy opportunities in the PV industry. The videos will be narrated by Native voices in Native languages strengthening ties to local cultures and building a sense of energy sovereignty and independence in Native American communities.

The grant-funded videos will be developed for speakers of the Navajo, Lakota and Hopi Nations. They will cover solar energy systems and fundamentals, applications of solar electric (PV) systems, energy efficiency and conservation, and jobs and opportunities in the PV industry. Content will be created and delivered in easy-to-understand graphics which will ensure that they are relevant to a wide range of learners with varying levels of education and literacy. This model will also allow for future regional expansion of the videos into other languages.

The videos will be shared widespread throughout the Native communities. They will be made available to anyone online, dispersed to tribal council members, housing authorities, and tribal leaders. Remote Energy will also be working with tribal secondary and high school science and/or language classes to integrate the videos into the school’s existing curriculum.

Key to the Tacoma, WA based nonprofit’s work is its close collaboration with indigenous partners including Native Renewables in Arizona and Red Cloud Renewables in South Dakota. These organizations will provide Native language speakers and ensure the curriculum is not only appropriate but grounded in the culture and values of Native communities.

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