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GRID Alternatives

GRID Alternatives Brings Clean Energy to Pueblo’s Tamaya Wellness Center

Partnering with GRID Alternatives, The Pueblo of Santa Ana (PSA) is stepping up its commitment to transition to clean energy and create local job opportunities while fostering the environmental and economic wellbeing of its members.

Through a $100,000 grant from All Points North Foundation, GRID will facilitate the installation of a 138.51kW-DC, 110kW-AC system on the roof of the Pueblo’s state-of-the art Tamaya Wellness Center that promotes health and wellness as a way of life. From mindful eating to Little League to water aerobics to family movie night, the Center believes wellness is about the strength and perseverance of families in the north central New Mexico community.

Powered by solar energy, the Center will rely on a grid-tied roof system interconnected to the local utility, and will build off of Pueblo’s previous efforts to transition to cleaner energy. The initiative not only enhances local solar knowledge and capacity but also paves the way for similar solar projects in the future, creating promising career pathways within the community. Over the past two years, GRID Alternatives has collaborated with PSA to boost solar energy production and community job training.

With an eye toward energy sovereignty through cleaner energy sources, this initiative also means economic returns for the Pueblo community. Using bifacial solar panels, double-sided panel technology that absorbs solar energy from both sides, PSA projects are to save almost $15,000 a year on energy bills which equates to $373,491 in savings over the system’s 25-year lifetime.

Since 2010, GRID has partnered with over 50 Tribal Nations across the country and has installed over 1,000 solar projects while providing training to over 1,600 tribal members. GRID’s Tribal Program will serve as the solar installation contractor and trainer for the project, recruiting at least three local tribal members to participate in the initiative.

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