Eden Village of Wilmington

Eden Village of Wilmington

Solar Power for Tiny Home Communities Addresses Chronic Homelessness

They push their shopping carts and tote their weathered luggage, wandering from park after park, street after street, in search of an encampment they can call home. This scenario is repeated in urban, suburban and rural America where homelessness numbers are on the rise.

For the founders of Eden Village of Wilmington (EVOW), they “imagine a city where no one sleeps outside”. This vision is coming to life in North Carolina where the physician-nurse duo is building not only permanent housing but also fostering enduring relationships to end chronic homelessness through a holistic approach. They understand that social determinants of health like housing, education, and employment put people at higher risk of poor health. These health inequities impact adverse health outcomes and place an economic and social burden on both individuals and society.

A grant from All Points North Foundation will support the installation of solar panels to supply electrical power on the remaining 12 of 31 tiny homes across the gated community. The grant will help reduce rental rates for its residents and encourage a greener and more sustainable living environment. Modeled after the successful Eden Village of Missouri, these newly furnished homes are integrated into the community center that includes a meeting and dining area, kitchen, first aid clinic, pantry, 24-hour laundry and a community store. A large garden is maintained by local volunteers and residents work in various activities and receive credits that can be applied for food.

A robust data tracking system will assess the economic impact of homelessness and track energy cost savings to operate the entire village. As data rolls in, once homeless and disabled residents are expressing their gratitude for their forever home calling it “safe,” “my second chance,” “a blessing,” and a place to find “peace around people who care.”

For more information: www.edenvillagewilmington.org

Photo credit: Eden Village of Wilmington

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