Phase 1: Exploration

Assign a Project Manager at the Beginning.

Your solar installation may be able to help you reduce most if not all of the various components of your organization’s electricity bill. A basic way to determine your current energy usage – the baseline from which you will measure your savings after your solar installation is complete – is to collect electricity bills for the most recent 12 months. Most nonprofits and small businesses most likely will have a simple rate structure. However, depending on your utility and the type of rate structure you are on, you may need expertise from the outside to help you.

While much of the work of getting started on developing a solar project can be divided, assigning a project manager at the beginning is essential to keep the project on schedule and on budget. This person won’t need to have all the answers, but will be the point person when a question comes up, to ensure follow-through, and to coordinate with professionals when the time comes.

All Points North Foundation provides grants for U.S.-based projects and initiatives that support our priorities: improving public middle school education and teacher training, and implementing effective solar programs and/or projects.

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