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Everybody Solar

Solar for the Creative Discovery Museum

California-based nonprofit Everybody Solar believes that giving the gift of solar energy can help alleviate some of the burden of electricity costs borne by nonprofit organizations while simultaneously reducing their environmental impacts. By harnessing the growing power of solar energy, Everybody Solar helps other nonprofits cut their electricity costs so they can focus on what they do best – provide essential services to their communities.

Everybody Solar has partnered with the Creative Discovery Museum (CDM), a children’s museum in Chattanooga, to provide a 41.9 kilowatt solar system and to create a virtual solar energy science lesson.

This virtual learning experience, “View It & Do It,” will be a fun and creative way of engaging middle school and upper-elementary students in light of the pandemic, while still providing hands-on activities that help to reinforce the science concepts behind solar. The nearly $7,000 in annual savings from the solar energy system will help support CDM’s “Museum for All” initiative, which provides more than 50,000 free and discounted admissions every year.

Cost savings and youth engagement in the science of solar energy are key benefits of the Everybody Solar-CDM partnership, contributing to the vital community service the Museum provides to Chattanooga and beyond. Such win-win solutions are all in a day’s work for Everybody Solar, underscoring its dedication to a clean energy future for all.

For more information: www.everybodysolar.org

Photo credit: Everybody Solar

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